Liskamm traverse

Liskamm je výrazný dvojvrchol na hranici Itálie a Švýcarska. Je součástí hlavního hřebene Walliských Alp. Na sever k ledovci Gornergletscher se prezentuje přes tisíc metrů vysokou, visutými ledovci pokrytou severovýchodní stěnou. Hřeben Liskammu mezi východním (4 532 m) a západním (4 479 m) vrcholem je dlouhý asi 2 km. Celková délka hřebene je do [...]

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Haute Route Walk Tour

The summer version of the legendary route from Chamonix to Zermatt ... One of the greatest tours on the Alpine glaciers. A perfect way to immerse into the untouched universe of the high mountains. It´s a great adventure on the steep hiking trails among many cosy alpine huts, All the way surounded by the [...]

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The Ober Gabelhorn

The Ober Gabelhorn The Ober Gabelhorn (4 063 m) is a mountain located in the Pennine Alps. It lies close to the Italian borders in the Swiss canton of Valais. The summit can be reached by three various ascent routes starting at the Rothorn Hut (3 198 m), Cabane du Mountet (2 886 m) or Bivacco Arben (3 224 [...]

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Eiger Mittellegi

The Eiger (3 970 m) is the easternmost peak of the Jungfrau massif in the Bernese Alps. The summit which reaches almost 4000 meters over the sea level can be ascended by two various routes in two or three days. Either through the picturesque Mittellegi Ridge (Mittellegigrat) via the Mittellegi hut. The ascent starts [...]

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Dent Blanche

Ascent to the four thousand peak Dent Blanche (4.357 m). A wonderful hike from a deserted valley Val d´Hérens. One of the most impressive peaks of the Alps with imposing views. Ascent south edge Wandfluegrat from the hut Cabane de la Dent Blanche. Two-day ascent. Maximum number of clients on a hike: 2 Price [...]

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It is a magical mountain in the Mischabelgruppe (Valais Alps) between Materral and Saastal valleys. With its altitude of 4.545 m, it is the highest mountain in Switzerland, as other higher Swiss the higher Swiss giants are located on the border with Italy. The ascent to Dom via the Domhütte can be done without [...]



Dufourspitze (French Pointe Dufour, Italian Punta Dufour) is with its 4.634 m the highest mountain in Switzerland, the second highest mountain in Europe. It is located in a massif Monte Rosa in Valais Alps, on the border of Switzerland and Italy. The highest peak of Monte Rosa bear the name of general Guillaume-Henri Dufour [...]


Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso is the highest peak (4 061 m) of the Graj Alps located in Italy in the regions Valle d’Aosta a Piemonte. The Czech name Gran Paradiso means “The big paradise” and it does not apply to a single peak, but it is also called the whole territory of the Gran Paradiso National [...]

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2-day hike to one of the highest peaks in Austria. Ascent to the Wildspitze 3,772 m via the Breslauer Hutte hut. Maximal number of clients: 2 or 3 people depending on conditions Price for ascent 600 €



Ascent to Ortler 3.905 m. Ascent along the north wall or the Hintegrat Ridge. Maximum number of guest on the tour: 2 or 3 people depending on conditions and type of ascent. Price for ascent 820 €

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