Insurance cancellation fees

For all multi-day events, I offer the option of insurance cancellation fees, suitable for more expensive multy-day events. You may have a situation when you find out a few days before you leave that you cannot go. In order to get your part of the price paid back – this is what this insurance for. The insurance is arranged at Allianz insurance company according to:
Insurance Conditions – Travel insurance and assistance services, part VII. – special insurance conditions for insurance of cancellation fees.
The subject of the insurance is non-refundable costs incurred by the insured person by charging a cancellation fee on the evens offered by me. The insurance is arranged together with the price per event. The insured person participates in the insurance indemnity with a co-participation of 20% of the final price paid for the event. The amount of the insurance premium is 2,5% of the total price per event (the basic or discounted price is multiplied by the coefficient 1,025).

If you are interested in this insurance, the PS price will apply to you; with registration for the event then send your personal data

– name and surname
– birthday, ID number
– address

The price of the event includes the price with canellation fee insurance – abbreviated SP price