Climbing ascent to Žabí Kôň (The Frog Horse). Žabí Kôň is a border peak near Rysy. The peak is still rated as one of the worst accessible in the Tatras. This is despite the fact that the easiest ascent is rated with difficulty III UIAA – easy. This is the eastern ridge, which is a climbing delicacy. Only climbing ascents lead to Žabí Kôň and you cannot get to it in sneakers. As you conquer it, you will discover beautiful panoramas on the side of the Polish Tatras and the valley of the Černy Staw (The Black lake); on the other side to The Frog valley and The Frog lakes. For the first time, German climbers stood at the top of the Frog Tower in 1905.

One of the more difficult ascents, basic climbing knowledge and habits are required.

Climbing difficulty:

Price for ascent
550 €