The ridge crossing of Dračí štít (Dragon peaks), both peaks of Vysoká and the ascent to Ťažký (formerly Český) peak. The view of all three peaks creates the silhouette of a crown, therefore the „Crown of Vysoká“. Vysoká peak (The High peak) itself belongs to the dominant peaks of the High Tatras, it cannot be overlooked.

The ascent starts at Popradské pleso to Nižné štrbiny under Ihla (The Needle peak) in Dragon ridge. From here through climbing terrain to both Dragon peaks (III+ UIAA climbing difficulty), then to SE and NW peak of Vysoká (The High peak). On the way to the Pod Rysmi Cottage via Kohútik, we will climb the Ťažký peak (The Heavy peak).

Challenging hike, requires basic knowledge of climbing on a rock, a basic knowledge of rapell and belaying in the rock is recommended.  

Ideal for accommodation (not included) is Majláth´s Cottage.

Price for ascent
620 €