Julierpass is the Alpine mountain pass located in one of the Swiss cantons called Graubünden. The peak of the pass lies in the altitude of 2284 meters over the sea level and connects the Oberhalbstein valley and the Engadin valley. Its history goes back to the Roman times. Todays appearance with the main road leading through the pass dates back to the 30s of the 19th century. In its upper part lies the lake Lej de las Culuonnas as well as the great water reservoir Lai da Marmorera covering the area of 1,5 square kilometers. There´s also an European devide between the water basins of the rivers Rhine and Danube.
The Julierpass is the starting point of ski-touring routes and a long distance trail leading along the north side of Engadin to the Flüelapass close to Davos. It´s an ideal spot for the mountain activities on a basic level, e.g. summer hikes or winter ski-touring and snowshoe walking.

The Alpine pass „Julier“ is an ideal spot to start the backcountry skiing, freeride skiing and ski-touring experience. That´s the place where to recap the skills you have already gained and to get the new ones.


15. – 19. December 2024
(participants: 8 people)

550 € per person

Participants: 8 people

Ospizio La Veduta

Basic / Advanced

Price includes
guiding by a professional mountain guide

Price does not include
transportation, food, possible cable-car / ski lifts costs, safety equipment, insurance, the accomodation costs (including the berakfast) of the mountain guide

Tour schedule
Ski touring and freeride skiing, ascents to the easy alpine 3000s, the evening workshops how to move in the off-piste area in the snowy conditions.
The flexible itinerary offers an option to improve the free ride skiing techniques. The itinerary can be adjusted to your requirments. Tell us what you will, we´ll do our best!

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