We provide you an alpine ascent and we lead you as an individual or a group to set goal in the mountain environment. It ’s up to you whether you choose an Alpine four thousands peak or you go to the High Tatras…

The equipment for alpine ascents, mountaineering and ferrate routes

  • insurance for these activities (e.g. OeAlpenverein), ID card, cash
  • suitable footwear, ankle, waterproof with the possibility of clamping of crampons
  • headlamp with good batteries
  • waterproof and windproof clothes (e. g. goretex pants, jacket)
  • hiking clothes (e. g. softshell, merino…what are you used to)
  • spare gloves, hat, socks, the balaclava is suitable for windy weather
  • sunglasses, ski glasses with double glass against fog, wind and snow
  • cream with sufficient UV filter and sun and lip balm with UV protection
  • thermos or drinking bottle, food for trip
  • hiking backpack (up to 35 liters ideal)
  • harness for movement in glacier, 1x HMS karabiner, 2x karabiner with lock, 2x reep-slings of 6mm diameter and 1,5 m length, 1x reep-slings of 3 m length, flat runner of 80 and 120 cm length, 1 ice screw
  • light tourist ice axe and crampons in case of movement in glacier or snow
  • helmet with certificate for mountaineering
  • hiking telescopic poles
  • avalanche rescue kit (probe, shovel, transceiver) in case of avalanche danger
  • mobile phone with numbers of first aid and mountain rescue service

Most of this recommended equipment you can rent in our rental shop.

If you don’t know what to do, please contact me.